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The Digital Research Library of Illinois History® was developed to support the Facebook history group; "Living History of Illinois and Chicago®" (LHIC) as a knowledgebase and repository for Illinois documents, books, research papers, and other Illinois history resources.

Our mission is to present, preserve and investigate Illinois history. Use by students, researchers, educators and the general public, the Digital Research Library of Illinois History® is a resourc not to be missed.


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The evolution of teaching and presenting history, in a meaningful and memorable way, has taken a huge leap forward. The use of social media allows Living History of Illinois and Chicago® group members and the non-membership Digital Research Library of Illinois History Journal™ to add to the richness of the historical presentions with their historical knowledge, personal experience and supporting documents.

The result truly enriches the experience for all readers.

NOTE: Many of the books, documents and videos in the Digital Research Library of Illinois History® are VERY LARGE FILE SIZES. Please be patient when downloading a file as the time it takes to complete the download is dependent upon the users bandwidth speed. The materials provided in the Digital Research Library of Illinois History® are appropriate for readers that are at least 13 years old. [PG-13]. Parental supervision suggested.


100 Years of Progress, The Centennial History of Anna, IL. pub:1954
A Woman's Story of Pioneer Illinois, by Christiana Holmes Tillson. Pub:1919
A Timeline of Illinois History
African-American Postal Workers in the 20th Century.
Alton Illinois Illustrated. pub:1912
American Bottom Region of IllinoisClick to Play 
Army Life of an Illinois Soldier, Including a Day by Day Record of Sherman's March to the Sea. pub:1906
Belleville, Illinois - Illustrated. pub:1905
Biography in Black, A History of Streator, Illinois. pub:1962
Blue Island Story, 1835-1962. pub:1962
Broadwell Inn & Tavern, Clayville, Illinois. [built in 1824] Click to Play
Burma-Shave History. Including over 500 multi-sign advertising messages seen on Illinois and US Highways.
Centennial History of Illinois, Volume - 01, 02
Chain of Rocks Bridge, Chouteau Island, Illinois.
Clarence Darrow, Timeline of His Life and Legal Career.
Complete History of Southern Illinois' Gang War. pub:1927
Constitution of the State of Illinois 1818. pub:1819
Dwight Centennial, 1854-1954: A Great Past - A Greater Future
East Saint Louis, Illinois: Race Riots of 1917 Click to Play
Freeburg, Illinois, Centennial Celebration, 1859-1959
French and Indians of the Illinois River. pub:1874
Galena Illinois Guide. pub:1937
Galena Illinois' Old Stockade Used during the Black Hawk War of 1832 Click to Play
Glimpses of Prairie du Rocher, Illinois, history from 1722 to 1942
Gurdon Saltonstall Hubbard, Autobiography of; by Gurdon Saltonstall Hubbard pub:1911
Gurdon Saltonstall Hubbard, Incidents and Events in the Life of; by Gurdon Saltonstall Hubbard pub:1888
Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois. pub:1900
Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois, with Commemorative Biographies, Vol 2. pub:1926
History of Belleville, Illinois. pub:1951
History of East St. Louis. pub:1875

History of Gazette Building in Champaign, Illinois.
History of Illinois from its commencement as a state in 1818 to 1847; by Gov. Thomas Ford. pub:1854
History of Millstadt, Illinois
History of Mokena, Illinois
History of Negro Servitude in Illinois and of Slavery Agitation in that State; 1719-1864. pub:1904
History of New Milford, Illinois, 1835-1975
History of Sears Modern Homes and Sears Honor Bilt Homes.
History of the City of Cairo, Illinois. pub:1910
History of the City of Quincy. Illinois by General John Tillson. pub:1880 
History of the Illinois Training School for Nurses, 1880-1929. pub:1930
History of Southern Illinois, its Historical Progress, People, Principal Interests. pub:1912 - Volumes 01, 02, 03
History of the Swedes of Illinois. pub:1908
Illinois Crime Survey, by Illinois Association for Criminal Justice. pub:1929
Illinois in 1818, by Solon Justus Buck. pub:1918
Kinsella Log Cabin (two-story) built in 1854, Fairview Heights, Illinois. [photography by N.Gale] Click to Play
Laws of Illinois, Relating to Cities and Villages. pub:1878

Laws of the Illinois Territory, 1809-1818. pub:1950
Life of Black Hawk as dictated by himself. pub:1834
Maeystown, Illinois - The Entire Village is on the National Register of Historic Places since 1978.
Mother Bickerdyke, Her Life and Labors for the Relief of Our Soldiers. pub:1886
Nicholas Jarrot Mansion, Cahokia, Illinois - Illinois' Oldest Brick House Blueprints. [completed 1806]
Old Illinois Houses, by John Drury. pub:1941
Origins of Nude Swimming in Illinois Public Schools.Click to Play
Pana, Illinois. pub:1913
Panic of 1893 in Illinois and Chicago.
Past and Present of the City of Rockford and Winnebago County, Illinois. pub:1905
Pioneer History of Illinois containing the Discovery in 1673 to 1818. pub:1887
Skokie (Niles Centre), Illinois - Old businesses within a block radius from downtown Skokie's center.
Springfield: the home of Abraham Lincoln. pub:1926
Story of Illinois and Its People, pub:1910, Rev. ed.1913
The Early History of Illinois: from discovery by the French in 1673, until cession to Great Britain in 1763.
The First Settler of Evanston and Wilmette - Antoine Ouilmette; 1790-1826.
The Life of Logan Belt the Noted Desperado of Southern Illinois. pub:1888
The Pioneer History of Illinois containing the discovery in 1672.
The Rivalship of Insignificant Villages: Springfield, Illinois and Sangamo Town Development. 1817-1840 
Two hours in Springfield by the Passenger Department of the Chicago and Alton Railroad. pub:1909
Two Years' Residence on the English Prairie of Illinois. pub:1822
Wood River, Illinois Massacre of 1814
Zeigler, Illinois. A Breath Away from Being the Nation's Capitol.



Africa, Illinois
Alpine, Illinois
Babcock's Grove, Illinois
Benjaminville, IllinoisClick to Play
Brownsville, IllinoisClick to Play
Brush Hill, Illinois
Brush Point, IllinoisClick to Play
Bushville, Illinois
Bybee, Illinois
Byrneville, Illinois
Caledonia, Illinois
Cardiff, Illinois
Cass, Illinois
Challacombe, Illinois
Chelsea, Illinois
Civer, Illinois
Coltonville, Illinois
Danby, Illinois
DuPage Center, Illinois
East Wenona, Illinois
Elm Point, Illinois
Elton, Illinois
Etherly, Illinois
Forksville, Illinois
Fullersburg, Illinois
Goshen Settlement, Illinois
Grayland, Illinois
Grand Village, Illinois
Green Rock, Illinois
Gregg's Corner, Illinois
Gregg's Milk Station, Illinois
Gretna, Illinois
Griggsville Landing, Illinois
Grosse Pointe, Illinois
Half Day, Illinois
Halfway & Half Way, IllinoisClick to Play
Hardscrabble, Illinois 
Harlem, Illinois
Illinoistown, IllinoisClick to Play 
Kettlestrings Grove, Illinois
La Vantum, Illinois
Lace, Illinois
Little Juarez, Illinois
Miles Station, Illinois
Millsdale, Illinois
Millville, IllinoisClick to Play
Mormon Town, IllinoisClick to Play
New Philadelphia, Illinois
Newton's Station, Illinois
Noyesville, Illinois
No Man's Land, IllinoisClick to Play
Oak Ridge, Illinois
Old French Village, Illinois
Old Kaskaskia Village
Ontarioville, Illinois
Orchard Place, Illinois
Papstown, Illinois 
Phillips' Ferry, Illinois
Phillips' Landing, Illinois
Phillipsburg, Illinois
Port Clinton, Illinois
Prospect Park, Illinois
Providence, Illinois
Rand, Illinois
Ridgevill, Illinois
Riverview, Illinois
Sangamo Town, IllinoisClick to Play
Science, IllinoisClick to Play 
Shermerville, Illinois
St. Philippe, Illinois
Stacy's Corners, Illinois
Strasburg, Illinois
Taylorsport, Illinois
Tessville, Illinois
Tiedtville, Illinois
Unionville, Illinois
Valley City, Illinois
Vishnu Springs, IllinoisClick to Play
Wabonsia, Illinois
Wanborough, Illinois
Weston, Illinois
White Oak Springs, Illinois  
Womac, Illinois



A Guide to the City of Chicago, with a map of the city. pub:1868. [pre 1871 Chicago Fire]
55 Chicago History Stories You Probably Were Not Aware Of.
American Negro Exposition 1863-1940, July 4 to Sept. 2, 1940, Chicago, IL.
Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery Haunted History, Midlothian, Illinois
Bygone Days in Chicago; Recollection of the "Garden City" of the Sixties [1860s]. pub:1910
Captain Streeter, Pioneer. pub:1914 [Streeterville Neighborhood of Chicago]
Cemetery History of Early Chicago
Chicago and the Old Northwest, 1673-1835 (inc. Fort Dearborn). pub:1913
Chicago and the Great Conflagration, pub:1871
Chicago Antiquities, comprising original items, relations, letters, extracts, pertaining to early Chicago. pub:1881
Chicago City Railways; "The Trail of the Trolley," pub:1909
Chicago Flood of 1992.
Chicago in the early 1800s, an area in transition.
Chicago Loop's Cowpath at 100 W. Monroe - since 1844
Chicago Map Book of 77 Community Areas
Chicago Park District history, background, and organization. pub:1936
Chicago Past and Present; a manual for the citizen, the Teacher and the Student. pub:1906
Chicago Photographers 1847 through 1900, as listed in Chicago City Directories.
Chicago Public Transportation - Street Railways.
Chicago Railroad Fair Official Guide Book - Wheels a-Rolling, 1948
Chicago Railroad Fair Official Guide Book - Wheels a-Rolling, 1949
Chicago Telephone Exchange Names and History.
Chicago Shelter Cottages - After the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Click to Play
Chicago Street Renaming Document of 1909
Chicago Street Renumbering Document of 1909
Chicago Street Renumbering Document of 1911 for Chicago Loop Addresses.
Chicago; The Origin and Meaning of the Name.
Chicago's Greatest Issue; an Official Plan. pub:1911
Chicago's Jitney Cab War of 1950
Chicago's Magnificent Melting Pot (Devon Avenue), American Way - American Airlines. June 2015
Chicago’s Smallest Cemetery; the Andreas Von Zirngibl Gravesite.
Chicago’s Underground Freight Railway History & The Great Flood of 1992
Des Plaines, Illinois Centennial Celebration. pub:1935
Dime Museums in Chicago, Illinois [approx. 1890s to 1920s] Click to Play
Dutch Communities of Chicago, pub:1927
Early Chicago: as seen by a cartoonist. pub:1947
Everleigh Club, Chicago, Illinois - Most Famous Brothel in USA History. Click to Play
Five Schlitz Brewery Tied-Houses & One Schlitz Brewery Stable Building built between 1898 to 1906 in Chicago.
Four Plus One (4+1), Mid Century, Mid Rise Apartment Buildings, Chicago, IL. Click to Play
Glass Blocks; a Chicago Invention.
Givins Castle, (aka: Irish Castle) 10244 S Longwood Dr, Chicago, IL.
Guide to the City of Chicago, pub:1862
Geographic Background of Chicago, pub:1926
History of Chicago Alleys
History of Chicago from the earliest period to the present time, pub:1884 - Volumes 01, 02, 03
History of Chicago Sidewalk Stamps
History of Chicago: Its Commercial and Manufacturing Interests and Industry. pub:1862
History of Niles, Illinois - Centennial, 1899-1999
History of Palatine, Illinois - Centennial Book, 1855-1955    
History of the Chicago Police: from Settlement to 1886. pub:1887
History of the Swedish Engineers' Society of Chicago, 1908-1948
History of the Yards 1865-1953. Chicago Union Stock Yards.
Indian Trails and Villages of Chicago and Cook Dupage Will Counties of Illinois 1804
Interactive Google Map of Chicago Neighborhoods
Interstate Industrial Exposition Building, Chicago, Illinois.
Marshall Field Funds and Battles for the Columbian Museum of Chicago
Meigs Field, Chicago, Illinois, Airport History.
Old Monroe Street, Notes on the Monroe Street of Early Chicago Days. pub:1914
Municipal control of tuberculosis in Chicago 1915
Olson Memorial Park, Waterfall and Rock Garden, Chicago. (1935-1978)
Oscar Mayer Enterprise. Chicago, Illinois Click to Play
Personal experiences during the Chicago fire. pub:1871
Plan of Chicago by Daniel H. Burnham. pub:1909
Raising Chicago Streets Out of the Mud in 1858
Reminiscences of early Chicago and vicinity. pub:1902
Rookery Building, Chicago. Built in 1886
Schwinn Bicycle History; Arnold, Schwinn and Company, Chicago, IL. Click to Play
Skokie Swift, The Commuters Friend. pub:1968.
The Alpha Suffrage Record; Volume 1, Number 1, March 18, 1914 [by "Alpha Suffrage Club" of Chicago]
The Story of Jewish Life in Chicago.
Township of Jefferson, Illinois. pub:1911
Twenty years at Hull House by Jane Addams. Pub:1910
Wau-Bun, the Early Day in the Northwest, by Juliette Augusta Magill Kinzie. pub:1873 [John H. Kinzie's wife]
Uptown Theater in Chicago - Opening Program -1925
Waste Disposal History of Chicago Click to Play
Why the North-South Chicago Streets Jog at North Avenue.
Zenith's Story, a History from 1919.


1833-34 Chicago Reverse Directory
1837-1844 Chicago City Directory
1866 Edwards Chicago Directory
1866 Polk Chicago Street Guide
1869-70 Edwards Chicago Directory
1871 Edwards Chicago Directory
1875 Polk Chicago Street Guide
1880 Chicago Reverse Directory
1880 Polk Chicago Street Guide
1885 Polk Chicago Street Guide
1885-86 Chicago Elite Directory
1888-89 Chicago Elite Directory
1890 Chicago Blue Book
1891 Chicago Blue Book
1892 Chicago Blue Book
1892 Chicago Business Street Directory
1892 Evanston & Rogers Park Directory
1892 Polk Chicago Street Guide
1893 Chicago Blue Book
1894 Chicago Blue Book
1895 Chicago Blue Book
1897 Chicago Blue Book
1898 Chicago Blue Book
1900 Polk Chicago Street Guide
1900 Tillotson's Chicago Pocket Map
1901 Chicago Blue Book
1902 Chicago Blue Book
1903 Chicago Blue Book
1904 Chicago Blue Book
1905 Chicago Blue Book
1906 Chicago Blue Book
1907 Chicago Blue Book
1908 Chicago Blue Book
1909 Chicago Blue Book
1910 Chicago Blue Book
1910 Polk Chicago Street Guide
1911 Chicago Blue Book
1912 Chicago Blue Book
1913 Chicago Blue Book
1914 Chicago Blue Book
1915 Chicago Blue Book
1923 Polk Chicago Street Guide


Cleaverville, Illinois; a Chicago Annexed Neighborhood Click to Play
Conley's Patch. a Chicago Neighborhood
Hyde Park Township; a Chicago Annexed Neighborhood Click to Play
Lee's Place / Hardscrabble; a pre-Chicago Neighborhood Click to Play
Little Sicily "Little Hell" Neighborhood; a Chicago NeighborhoodClick to Play
Mopetown; a Chicago Neighborhood
Click to Play
Pennock, Illinois; a Chicago Annexed NeighborhoodClick to Play
Shanty Town; a Chicago Neighborhood
Swede Town; a Chicago Neighborhood 
Towertown; a Chicago Neighborhood
Click to Play
Town of Lake; Chicago Annexed Neighborhoods
Click to Play
Village of Jefferson/Jefferson Township; Chicago Annexed Neighborhoods Click to Play



Vol. 1, No. 1, June 14, 1926
Vol. 1, No. 2, July 15, 1926
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Century of Progress, Chicago and the World's Fair, 1933
Century of Progress Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture. Art Institute of Chicago 1933
Century of Progress, Horticulture Exhibition
Official Guide Book of the Fair Chicago, 1933
The Abraham Lincoln Exhibit Group, Century of Progress 1833 to1933 Chicago
The Official Pictures of a Century of progress exposition, Chicago, 1934



Abraham Lincoln Forum™
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The "Abraham Lincoln Forum™" is an Educational Facebook group about the life and times of Abraham Lincoln, his family, and his career.. All are welcome to join.


Al Capone and Ralph Capone; Responsible for Milk Expiration Dating Laws in Illinois.Click to Play
Al Capone played Santa Claus. A True Story.Click to Play
Arthur Novit, Chicago Police Officer, Superman of the Subway.
Aunt Lizzie Aiken, pub:1880
Dr. Thomas Neill Cream; Serial Killer [1880s Chicago]Click to Play
Everleigh Club; The Chicago Brothel. Biography of Minna & Ada Everleigh - "Come into my parlor." pub:1934
John Messinger (1771-1846), the Messinger Cemetery & Schoolhouse, Swansea, Illinois. [with photographs]
John Reynolds, Govenor of Illinois and Congressman: History of My Life. pub:1879
[+Black Hawk War]
John V Farwell - a brief description of his life and business. pub:1911
Letters from Illinois. By Morris Birkbeck. pub:1818
Mary E. McDowell Settlement House, Chicago, Illinois
Robert Pershing Wadlow, World's Tallest Man, Alton, Illinois. (1918-1940)
Sergio Oliva; "The Myth" Mr. Universe, Mr. Galaxy, Mr. Olympia, Chicago Police Officer (1941-2012)
Susan Simmons Winans - Last Known Survivor of the Chicago Fort Dearborn Massacre. Click to Play
Yellow Kid Weil, the Autobiography of Americas Master Swindler. pub:1948
     » Joseph "Yellow Kid" Weil - A Brief History with Photographs (1875-1976) 


Black Hawk War and Illinois' Role. [April to August of 1832] 
Illinois at Shiloh, Report of the Shiloh Battlefield Commission, pub:1905
Illinois Military Units in the Civil War. pub:1962
Memoirs of My Own Times, by General James Wilkinson. pub:1816 - Complete Set of Volumes - 01, 02, 03
Reminiscences of Chicago during the civil war. pub:1914



An 'Ups and Downs" [Ferris] Wheel Kills a Girl in Catlin Illinois in 1876  
Blue Comet Tanker Fire in Calumet Harbor on October 29, 1953.
Centralia, Illinois, Mine № 5 (in Wamac, Illinois) Disaster of March 25, 1947.
Cherry, Illinois Mine Disaster Report, by Illinois Bureau of Labor Statistics. pub:1910
Cherry, Illinois Mine Disaster of 1909 [a brief version w/photos]
Chicago Coal Famine of 1903.
Chicago Fire - 1857, October 19th, the Brothel Conflagration on South Water Street.
Chicago Fire - 1871, October 7th the "Saturday Night Fire" that Struck Chicago.
Chicago Fire - 1871, October 8th, the Great Chicago Fire; the O'Leary's and their Cow.
Chicago Fire - 1871, Large Map Showing the Burnt Area from the Great Chicago Fire.
Chicago Fire - 1871, YOU ARE THERE Film (Newscast Style) Narrated by W. Cronkite.
Chicago Fire - 1871, the Great Chicago Fire Destruction at Fifth Avenue and Madison St.
Chicago Fire - 1874, July 14th, the "LITTLE BIG FIRE."
Chicago Fire - 1877, November 14th, Field, Leiter & Company Department Store Fire. 
Chicago Fire - 1893, July 10th, World’s Columbian Exposition Cold Storage Building Fire.
Chicago Fire - 1894, August 8th, A West Rogers Park Block Conflagration.
Chicago Fire - 1903, December 3rd, Iroquois Theater Fire Claimed over 600 People. 
Chicago Fire - 1910, March 25th, the L. Fish Furniture Fire, 19th St., and Wabash Ave. 
Chicago Fire - 1910, December 22th, The Union Stockyards Fire.
Chicago Fire - 1922, March 15th, the Burlington Office Building Fire, Chicago. 
Chicago Fire - 1934, May 19th, The Union Stockyards Fire.
Chicago Fire - 1946, September 9th, the Hotel LaSalle Fire.
Chicago Fire - 1950, May 25th, Green Hornet Streetcar Causes an Inferno with Gas Truck.
Chicago Fire - 1953, April 17th, the Haber Corporation Fire.
Chicago Fire - 1958, December 1st, Our Lady of the Angels School Fire.
Chicago Fire - 1967, January 16th, the First McCormick Place Fire. 
Chicago Fire - 2004, December 6th, the LaSalle Bank Fire.
Chicago Flood of 1992.
Disco Demolition Night at Comiskey Park in Chicago, Illinois, on July 12, 1979
Eastland Disaster, Chicago, Illinois, on July 24, 1915
"Favorite" Launch (Boat) Capsizes on Lake Michigan, July 28, 1927
Haymarket Affair of 1886, (AKA: Haymarket Massacre or Haymarket Riot) Chicago, Illinois.
Lady Elgin sinks from a collision by Port Clinton, Illinois on September 8, 1860.
Mary Todd Lincoln - In the midst of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.Click to Play
Narrative of the Mssacre at Chicago, Saturday, August 15, 1812, and of some preceding events. pub:1914
O'Leary's, a Cow, and the Great Chicago Fire of 1871
Panic of 1893 in Illinois and Chicago.
"Silver Spray" Shipwreck on the Morgan Shoal, Chicago, Illinois
The Great Chicago Theater Disaster, (Iroquois Theater Fire of 1903) Story told by Survivors. pub:1904


1804 Indian Trails and Villages of Chicago and Cook, Dupage,and Will Counties of Illinois
1820 Chicago Lithography
1833 Chicago Map (from Chicago Tribune 1933 edition) 
1868 Bird's-Eye View Chicago from Shiller St North to 12th St South
1871 Bird's-Eye Map of Burnt District Chicago, Illinois
1871 Chicago Fire Burnt Area
1874 Bird's-Eye View Chicago, Illinois
1893 Bird's-Eye Grand View of Chicago, Illinois
1893 Bird's-Eye View Chicago, Illinois
1898 Bird's-Eye View Business District Chicago, Illinois
1902 Terminals of the Chicago and North Western Railroad
1908 Bird's-Eye Elevated Railroads in Chicago, Illinois
1916 Bird's-Eye View of Chicago Illinois Business District
1950 Chicago Demographics Map; published by the City of Chicago
1950s Morton Arborietum Map, Lisle, Illinois
Interactive Google Map of Chicago Neighborhoods


All Illinois Highways
Illinois Route 66 Road Map showing all 3 alignments. [high-resolution. zoom (+/-)]
The first 25 years of the Route 66 Association of Illinois newsletter; "The 66 News."
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The Traveler's Directory for Illinois, pub:1839


Auto Stove Works, New Athens, IL. - Auto Stoves and Ranges for 1935-36; Catalog No 17.
Chicago Public School (CPS) Cafeteria Butter Cookie Recipe
Chicago Public School (CPS) Cafeteria Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe
The Jungle, by Upton Sinclair. pub:1906



Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, Springfield, Illinois
Abraham Lincoln Research Site
Calculate Day of the Week
Calculate Duration Between Two Dates
Calculator; Inflation Calculator; Time-Money Calculator
Chicago Street Renaming Document of 1909
Chicago Street Renumbering Document of 1909
Chicago Street Renumbering Document of 1911 for Chicago Loop Addresses.
Chicago Tribune Archives
Illinois Digital Archives
Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections
Illinois Genealogy Trails
Illinois History Project
Lincoln-Douglas Debates
Looking for Lincoln Heritage Coalition
Map Tools
Roman Numeral Converter
What the Elements of the Municipal Flag of Chicago Mean.

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