PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE DOCUMENT because you are agreeing to abide by these rules, regardless of whether you read them or not, as a condition of your membership. These rules are necessary to keep this group a serious history learning experience and a safe place for all.
ABOUT THE GROUP (rated: PG-13)
Living History of Illinois and Chicago® is an "on subject," HISTORY PRESENTATION GROUP focused on anything and everything Illinois.

The group hosts Junior (6th, 7th & 8th grades) and Senior High School history and social studies classes, including teachers and educators. That being said, the posts and comments made in this group MUST be suitable for the entire classroom to read, as we have 13 year old children in this group.

If you are too lazy (figuratively speaking) to read the ENTIRE post, including the comments and the replies to comments, this is not the group for you.

Additionally, please respect the poster's directions or instructions in the post. If you can't or won't, DO NOT comment!

Members spend a lot of time to research a topic, search for photos or images, and post it for the enjoyment of this group to have members either make light of the topic or not follow simple instructions.

Again... R E A D  the ENTIRE post before commenting!

If it's worth your time to post or comment, it's worth your time to add a description or statement. Posts and comments (images and video) with no description or statement will be removed even if there is text in the image.

THIS IS A HISTORY PRESENTATION GROUP; NOT A SOCIAL NETWORKING GROUP. It's not a quiz show, trivia game, or a request line for photos or information. Those posts will be removed. Please search Google or Bing for your answers or photo requests.

You may share (outgoing) any of our groups posts via Facebook or on the Internet.

To protect the enjoyment of the group, we have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy against posts and comments that include racist, Anti-Semitic, ethnic, religious or LGBT slurs and the posting of any pornographic material or text.

Posts or comments that express hostility or discrimination toward women, are vulgar, or refer to a women's appearance will be removed and the member will be removed from the group. Period!

Criticism of administrators, disrespectful or insulting comments to other members, members who start arguments (trolls), fighting, affixing blame, instigating, trouble makers, political or religious bashing, being belligerent, posting nasty or hateful comments, disseminating a twisted point of view (even in jest), or use of profanity will be removed from the group immediately.

I have had enough with members negative comments, reporting posts about a Politician (both Democrats & Republicans). I will not allow this hatred into my educational group which hosts children as young as 13. I will BAN any member, and I mean ANY MEMBER, who makes a political post/comment or a negative remark about ANY Politician… PERIOD!!! That now includes people who use Facebook's ANGRY EMOJI face which represents their hatred without a text comment!
  1. Due to the abusive responses Admins receive, about 80% of the time, there will be no member contact (i.e. Facebook instant messages) before posts, comments and memberships are removed from this group.
  2. Political or religious posts or comments will be removed along with membership.
  3. Sexual posts and comments will be removed along with the member.
  4. Our Administrators are very good at reading "between the lines" and understanding and identifying innuendos. Those posts or comments will be removed along with membership.
  5. This is not a forum to vent your frustrations, anger, bad or negative experiences about a history presentation. There is a difference between what you say and how you say it.
  6. DO NOT correct the grammar or typos of other members... it's rude,embarrassing and uncalled for. Your comment will be deleted and you will be temporarily blocked from posting and commenting.

Badmouthing, disrespectful comments, and other forms of "ours is better that yours," comments or posts will be removed along with the posting member. (i.e. Chicago vs. Downstate, Cubs vs. White Sox, IS being disrespectful of others.) It's just not right.

If you do not have anything nice to say OR if you would not say it to your Grandmother... DO NOT POST IT HERE. This includes swearing, cussing, profanity and use of foul language. You will be immediately removed from the group if you do.

BE AWARE that members who are removed or removed from this group for violating the Zero Tolerance Policy will be called out by name in the group about why they were removed from the Living History of Illinois and Chicago® group. This action keeps with my promise to teachers, educators, and school district superintendents I made to keep the group safe for 13+ year old children.

I suggest you think about what you are going to say, then reread what you wrote, TWICE... BEFORE clicking the [POST] button.

The term "Jewtown or Jew Town" is an Anti-Semitic term, phrase or name.

I will explain why. Greektown, Chinatown, Little Italy, Lithuanian Plaza and Ukrainian Village, are actual Chicago neighborhood names in their greater communities. They are not racist, or derogatory names or terms, because they refer to a country and not a religion.

If we take the term "Jewtown" and apply the same rules as the other Chicago neighborhoods, then "Jewtown" should be named "Israelitown." To make the point clearer, If we take the name "Jewtown" and apply the slur name to the Bronzeville neighborhood, it would be called "Ni**ertown."


NOTE: I personally find it shameful that people's past posts and/or comments in this group has forced me to lay-out these "common sense" policies to protect the enjoyment of this group for ALL MEMBERS. Over the years, it has become necessary for me to keep adding to this document because of the bad behavior or poor decisions of others which are not socially acceptable (they wouldn't dare say it face-to-face). Keep in mind what you would personally reject if your child (13 years old +) encountered this type of behavior online.

This is a STATEWIDE (all of Illinois' Counties) History Presentation Group. The only focus is presenting Illinois history; the good, the bad and the ugly.

If it's worth your time to post, it's worth your time to add a description. Posts, comments and pictures with no description will be removed, even if there is text in the image.


Sources are very important when posting photographs or making claims about an historic topic. You will be asked to provide the source:

  • Hear-say is not a source. There is no proof of what was said or heard.
  • Wikipedia is not a good source because it is "open-source" (crowd-sourcing) and anybody can add data, true or false.
  • Pinterest and similar sites are not a source because the poster makes up their own caption.
  • Fake News sites are NEVER a source because --- THEY ARE FAKE!
  1. Write-up the history about the photo(s) / video you are about to post.
  2. Include the location and the CITY because many members don't or won't know what they are looking at.
  3. Post WITH a description; it is considered a "Hit-and-Run" for posts with no description and those posts will be deleted.
  4. Posting screen captures of an article is only acceptable WITH a text transcription. Members have different size devices they use, making many screen captured text images unreadable on smaller devices and blurry on larger monitors. Posting a screen captured image with no accompanying text of the article will result in the post being deleted.
  5. Street scenes need a location, including a CITY and at least an approximate year. (i.e. "circa 1930s")
  6. Pay attention to the details. Copy and paste is fine, just make sure it's exactly what you want to present, and the post includes data from more than one website. (i.e. a list of keywords is not acceptable; references in the text [1][4] only because it was in the copies text, etc.)
  7. You will need MORE information than just a Wikipedia copy and paste. The group is not a mirror Wikipedia site. Copies of Wikipedia text without additional information, will be removed because they do not present any research effort. It's not a good lesson for students and participants in the Illinois History Fairs who are being taught to actually research a topic. This group is an example for them. 
  8. Web links, photos, and family photos (must be on the posted topic) ARE ALLOWED in the comments.
  9. No links (post or comments) are allowed to any other Facebook groups, pages or walls or mentions of groups or pages. Other groups or pages do not reciprocate links.
  10. Posting a link in a comment to a photo is unacceptable. Take the time to download the image and post it directly in the comment. See: "Why so picky" section below.
  11. Photos with advertisement or text on it pointing to a website are NOT allowed and will be deleted.
  12. No mention of or links to "Forgotten Chicago" websites, Facebook page or groups are allowed.


They have no place in a history focused group. Animated images will be removed and persistent posting of them will get you removed from the group.


Live videos will be removed along with your membership to the group.


  1. Photos that you personally shot. Non-family.
  2. Only one (1) family photo or article about a family member is allowed as a post, BUT... you MUST post with a history or description of how the image relates to Illinois history. Family photos (people pictures) are allowed in comments, and must be on the posts topic. Please, do not abuse the privilege because this group is not your family album.
  3. No advertising photos, with or without a website address, are allowed.
  4. Internet discovered (search) pictures and videos are welcomed.
  1. This group is not a family album. If your one family photo is not Illinois related and/or has no history description with it, it will be removed. If more than one (1) personal family photo is posted, the newest one is removed. Repeat offenders will be removed from the group because it is not fair to all the other members.
  2. No smartphone or tablet screen captures (showing connection status and apps icons at top of image) are allowed as the post. They will be deleted as a post or as a comment.
  3. Posts and comments (images and video) with NO DESCRIPTION or statement will be removed even if there is text in the image.


  1. Only direct links to a video, (i.e. Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) are allowed.
  2. Videos on a Facebook page, group or wall are not allowed for the same reasons as listed for photos.
  3. Videos from reputable websites are allowed as long as there is a history or story attached to it.
  4. You will still need to write a description when posting a video.
  5. Home movies that only show family are not allowed. Movies capturing street scenes, parades and historic events, etc. are allowed with a description of the film.


Links are NOT acceptable as a POST in this group. You CANNOT share from another Facebook group or page or share from websites into the group.

It makes no sense to post a link to the image(s) and text that you copied and pasted. Post a link to provide additional information.

No links to websites OR other Facebook groups, walls, timelines OR other photo albums like Flickr, OR file sharing sites like Google Docs, Dropbox, etc.


If you post with a photo (use the "Add Photo" link directly from the group) you may include a full URL link (i.e. http://.....) in the posts body.

No links to photos are allowed. No shortened links [i.e.,, etc...] because members will not know where those shortened web addresses will take them to on the web.


Click on the image you just posted. If it takes you to a website or another Facebook group or Facebook page, it IS NOT posted properly for this group. Please delete your post and try again. You must use the "Add Photo" link directly from within the group.


By posting directly through the groups links, every member can enjoy the groups posting without seeing Facebook's "Attachment Unavailable" notices. The news media, including newspapers and TV stations, can change the stories permanent link to archive their post, so links will fail. Other linked posts are at the mercy of the original person who posted it; they can change their Facebook settings at any time. The same holds true when a group changes status from an open group to a closed or secret group.


Because this is a PRESENTATION group, we will remove posts or comments with wrong or inaccurate information. Students depend upon accurate information from a group specializing in history. Please... do a little research (Google it) and use multiple sources to verify and double check the facts before posting or commenting an unsubstantiated claim.

There are no POLITICAL or religious posts or comments allowed in this group. Period. They will be deleted along with the membership of the person who posted it.

Positive comments about a politican are allowed; i.e. "He was my favorite President." There are no negative comments allowed as they do not set a good example for our youth members. Again, if you do not have anything nice to say, don't say anything!

This is the difference between a post about a Politician and a post about Politics:

A POLITICIAN is a person who is/was involved in politics. POLITICS is the activities of a person (or government) who try to influence the way our country is governed.

To summarize; Living History of Illinois and Chicago® allows posts and comments about a politician (personal history), but not commentary about a politician's politics.

To keep this group drama free, Administrators will not discuss other members or ex-members issues with a third party. PLEASE, do not get involved by arguing on behalf of someone else; you will be removed from the group.

"Show and Tell" type posts are acceptable only with a written history. Posts without a history will be deleted.

You will be removed from the group for instigating an argument or fight, or for disrespecting another member.

No asking for charity donations, i.e. GoFundMe, Facebook charity requests, etc.

Only one (1) family photo or story is allowed per member. With so many members postings quickly get out-of-hand. Refer to the "ACCEPTABLE PHOTOS" section above.

Only posts about Illinois are allowed. Photo must also be from Illinois - with few exceptions.

No links to photos, photo albums, google/bing photo searches or websites like Flickr, or file any sharing sites like Google Docs, Dropbox, iCloud, etc., in a post or comment. They will be deleted.

The group is not your personal diary or journal. Post that are this style will be removed. Please refrain from sharing your family history that is not focused on an Illinois historic event.

"Who remembers?" posts will be removed because they do not PRESENT Illinois history.
Join our "Who Remembers? Chicagoland and Suburbs" group.

Please don't ask for photographs, information or item identification/appraisals. This is a history PRESENTATION group, it is not the Antiques Roadshow.

POSTS & COMMENTS IN ALL UPPER CASE WILL BE REMOVED. It is like SHOUTING. Repeat offenders will have their membership revoked. If you have visual issues, use all lower case to post and increase the font size of your monitor or device to see better.

Hold down the CTRL key and click the plus or minus key to increase or decrease font size.

There are NO Facebook "Stickers" (the large picture Emoticons) or MEME images allowed in the group as it diminishes the subject matter. No exceptions. You do not see stickers or emoticons in textbooks.

  1. Comments with a sticker will be deleted.
  2. Posts will be removed that have stickers ON the photo (Facebook feature).
  3. All Meme's will be deleted along with the posters membership.

Text message style writing (i.e. da=the; U2=you too) is NOT ALLOWED. You do not see this type of writing in text books. Posts and comments will be removed.

There is no "bumping" (commenting then deleting comment to bring the post to the top of the group's news feed) allowed. It is not necessary for you to reply to every comment in the thread of your own post; another form of "bumping". The entire post will be removed.

Thread comments must be on the posted topic. Off topic comments will be deleted.

Administrators may remove a post that has already been posted recently to avoid duplication or for any infraction of these policies, without notice.

Thank you posts from new members may be removed from the group, depending upon posting traffic, avoiding other members having to scroll too far down the newsfeed to see a history post.

"Get-Togethers", "Meet-Ups" or "Field Trips" are not sanctioned by the group due to potential legal issues. Members are NOT allowed to post an invitation (to an individual via messaging or to the group) to any private or public event unless pre-approved.

Members must receive permission BEFORE posting any advertisement to this group, regardless if it is for a charity, a non-profit group or a voting site for your grandchild. Posts or comments that do not receive permission before posting will be removed along with membership.  contact:
This group monitors and censors all posts and comments to adhere to these written policies.

Facebook allows group and page owners to determine what is being posted and to control the members comments. There is no “Freedom of Speech” or “Freedom of Expression” afforded to members of this group. Facebook also puts group membership in the hands of the groups owner and their administrators.

This history group is open for any Facebook member to see. We allow 6th graders (13 years old per Facebook policy) as members. Be civil.
This Facebook group is not responsible for crowd-sourced postings. If any copyrighted material is found posted in this group, the copyright to those photographs and/or videos belong to their respective owner.

Plagiarism may occur in this open, public forum, but it's not a crime as this group is not for profit.